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If you're looking for links to recent projects, interviews, publications, etc, you've come to the right place!

Come check out the community over on Patreon. There are multiple levels of support and a no-cost option if you need. 

Patrons will receive poetry in the mail, excerpts from works in process, audio recordings, discounts on books and workshops, and more. Your presence there keeps encouraging me to create! 


I regularly collaborate with vocalist, Erin McCarthy. Together, as Harmonic Arc, we perform existing pieces and create new work at the intersection of music and transformation.


Head over to my youtube channel for music and poetry...sometimes both together!


Check out poet Kim Stafford's site for a taste of our occasional collaborations.


On a sunny day in July, David Bates from Oregon ArtsWatch came to my house for an interview. Our time together unfurled into a beautiful, spacious conversation and he's captured the sense of that in this lovely article. Pour a cup of tea and enjoy!

OR Artswatch (1).jpg
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