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My Story

I live and write in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley and draw inspiration from my experiences as an ocean sailor, hospice harpist, choral accompanist, songwriter, and mother and from a life filled with the practice of paying attention.


On any given day, you might catch me running to a rehearsal, writing on my patio at the edge of the woods, or texting with my young adult kids. 

You can find my poetry collections from Fernwood Press or wherever you buy books. The Breath Between: An Invitation to Mystery and Joy, was released in May 2019 and Etude for Belonging: Poems for Practicing Courage and Hope came out in May 2021.


I'm working with Unruly Voices, an imprint of Paper Angel Press, on a memoir about the sabbatical year my family spent at sea. 


I am a Recorded Quaker minister and Certified Music Practitioner and available for worship or retreat leading and therapeutic music sessions for those who are ill or nearing the end of their life. If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact me at


I manage all this thanks to my extraordinarily supportive partner, Bryan, and a consistently casual attitude toward housekeeping. I’d much rather connect with you than do whatever is on my list today. Click over to the contact page and drop me a line!

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