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From Under the Air

From Under the Air

When you weep

And grow weary

Of the pain

In this world you made

And tire of the weight

Of all who cry out

And gasp at the ways

That fear unsettles the souls

Uproots those planted in you

Tosses them to the winds in terror

Where do you take refuge?

Do you sink into the deepest pool?

Find your way along the rising thread

To the heat at the center

The swirling heart that binds us

All in place?

Do you let yourself be held

By the gravity?

Or do you find a home

Among the leaping ones?

The rays who bound

From sea to sky

The orca launching high

From under the air?

Yet even there is no escape from grief

Witness the mother who carried

Her lifeless calf

For seventeen days

And seventeen nights

A howling protest

Or proof of the strength

Of mothers who have the will

To carry loss

Far beyond a heart’s bearing

You, Mother of us all

How long have you been carrying us on your fin?

Do you, too, grow thin

Waiting for resurrection?

~Bethany Lee ©2019

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