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I spent this afternoon playing for a hospice vigil and now am baking a pizza, ignoring the piles of laundry, and heading out the door again. Some days are like this. If your evening has you feeling a little out of balance too, this is for you.


I try Every evening To pay attention

But often by dusk I have been distracted by the day By the rush of homecoming Or the heading out for hurried plans

I may be too busy noticing The wear in the mat by the door Or the onions browning In the heavy red pot On the unwashed stove

But at twilight Whether I know it or not I trip over a point That restores my balance

This is the great and daily evening Where just for a moment Everything comes to level again

Light and dark Sound and silence Work and rest Effort and surrender

If I am very still Will I notice the pause Like the breath at the top Before the wild descent?

Rest easy Tomorrow, there will be An evening again

~Bethany Lee ©2019

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